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At Massage Chairs Buy, we believe in the power of a massage to promote your well-being. As a leading seller of massage chairs, we offer massage chairs from only the best manufacturers on the market.

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Top Massage Chair Brands

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With many manufacturers to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the top massage chair brands. Below, we have a brief introduction to some of the best massage chair brands around. Rather than starting from scratch for your research, start by browsing through products from these top-rated manufacturers.

Bosscare Massage Chairs

Bosscare massage chairs offer both convenience and reliability. For convenience, all Bosscare massage chairs arrive fully assembled. This means you can enjoy your massage chair right out of the box. Whether you need a massage chair for home or business use, Bosscare features an extensive product line-up. As a company, its mission is to continue to improve its products and offer the most advanced technology around.

From zero gravity technology to integrated Bluetooth speakers, Bosscare offers impressive massage chair features. Beyond an out-of-this-world massage, users experience comfort and ease-of-use in every step. You’ll never want to leave your Bosscare massage chair!

Human Touch Massage Chairs

The mission and vision of Human Touch Massage Chairs come through in every product they create. Amongst the top manufacturers of luxury massage chairs, Human Touch offers innovative products that change lives. Many customers rave about the difference their Human Touch massage chair has made in their overall well-being. Well known for their design, Human Touch won numerous Design Journal Awards for Excellence.

From start to finish, Human Touch excels in every step of the massage chair creation. Throughout the last 40 years, its team of exemplary staff created and patented systems that deliver a seamless massage experience. If you’re looking for stylish design combined with functionality, check out their massage chair products. As the years go on, we have high expectations for what this top-selling brand will bring to the massage chair industry.

Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Massage Chairs strives to provide a positive experience, long-term support, and improved health and wellness to its customers. In addition to its extensive line up of both L-track and S-track massage chairs, the company also offers body massager products. Based on their belief that every customer has unique massage needs, they offer a diverse product line-up that targets many areas of wellness.

The company features five core brand values: quality, innovation, lifestyle, wellness, and fearlessness. Each of these five brand values guide their product development, customer service, and more. Additionally, Infinity Massage Chairs strives to be a leader in the creation and implementation of new and advanced technologies. Some of these innovative features include 3D massage chairs, inversion therapy, and more!

iRest Massage Chairs

Choosing an iRest Massage Chair is certainly a smart investment in your comfort and relaxation. Designed and manufactured overseas in China, iRest offers several popular massage chair products. iRest massage chairs are well-known for their easy assembly process. To make for easy installation, massage chairs arrive pre-assembled. After all, the goal is to relax and not do more work!

In addition to easy installation, iRest offers extremely affordable massage chairs that do not sacrifice quality. Its top-selling zero gravity chair even offers voice controls to help adjust massage chair settings. Plus, customers really enjoy the three-year warranty included on every one of iRests massage chairs.

Osaki Massage Chairs

Since its launch in 2007, Osaki Massage Chairs has advanced its massage chairs to offer bigger and better features. The goal of the company is to help its customers relax so that they can enjoy a more active lifestyle. Based out of Carrolton, TX, Osaki offers a toll-free hotline designed to answer all of your massage chair questions. If having superior customer support is important to you in selecting a massage chair, you’ll want to choose an Osaki Massage Chair. Amongst all of our favorite manufacturers, Osaki delivers the best in customer service.

If you live in the Texas region, customers can stop by their showroom to see every massage chair in person. If not, check out product listings to learn more about Osaki’s massage chair selections. All massage chairs by Osaki come with a three-year warranty, which covers both parts and labor.

Real Relax Massage Chairs

Real Relax Massage Chairs have been on the scene since 2014. The founders began to realize that too many people experience back and neck strains. Of course, these conditions are exacerbated by spending long days working on the computer. As such, Real Relax Massage Chairs was founded to create modern massage chairs that work smarter, not harder.

In early 2015, the first Real Relax Favor 01 was launched. Since then, the company has improved upon its Favor massage chair line. Unlike many other companies, Real Relax strives to keep its prices affordable for everyone. Today, you can find Real Relax chairs all throughout the world, in over forty different countries.

Why Buy a Massage Chair?

Investing in your health is an investment in your future happiness. While it may seem obvious that people buy massage chairs to encourage relaxation, they also offer numerous other benefits. Purchasing a massage chair offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience that also promotes great health. Below are just a few of the many attractive benefits massage chairs provide.

Target Stress

As we age, targeting and managing stress in our lives increases in importance. Stress can wreak havoc on the body, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. In turn, this unresolved stress can manifest through unwanted symptoms or medical conditions. Using a massage chair regularly may help increase neurotransmitters in your brain. Neurotransmitters help to fight mental and emotional stressors, thereby promoting relaxation.

Many massage chair users find they’re calmer and more relaxed after using their massage chairs. Since its introduction to the consumer market in the 1980s, massage chairs have served as an excellent stress-management activity for people around the world. Many studies have found that a massage lowers blood cortisol levels, a hormone responsible for stress.

Faster Workout Recovery

Massage chairs are used by athletes and gym-goers of every level to help enhance their workout recovery. Intense exercise causes your muscles to produce high levels of lactic acid. In turn, this lactic acid build-up can cause serious muscle soreness, which can impact your ability to do further workouts. Therefore, many athletes use a massage chair to help eliminate lactic acid from building up.

Research indicates that using an advanced massage chair, such as the ones listed on MassageChairsBuy, can speed up muscle recovery time. Use your massage chair two to four times per week for maximum benefits. You’ll love how it helps you train better, helping you to push your limits as an athlete. Not to mention, a massage is a great way to relax your body and mind after a tough workout.

Improved Sleep Quality

Studies show massages can trigger a hormone in our brains known as serotonin. Serotonin promotes feelings of calmness, which can enhance your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Many adults struggle with sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea. As such, using a massage chair is an excellent way to help enhance your sleep quality. Through a meta-analysis of several peer-reviewed studies, researchers have found that regular massages result in decreased pain, which causes fewer sleep disturbances.

In addition to serotonin, massages also trigger the release of another hormone known as melatonin. This immediate release of melatonin contributes to enhanced sleep! If you or someone you know are struggling with sleep, purchasing a massage chair might be the help you need.

Correct Bad Posture

More people in our society than ever before have bad posture. Correcting your bad posture can improve your pain and prevent further health conditions. A massage chair helps to correct bad posture by loosening stiff back and neck muscles. In turn, users notice they can keep their balance better and stand straighter.

All massage chairs work to help promote relaxation and keep your spine in its natural position. Relieving the tension of tight muscles and loosening them, massage chairs offer an easy way to improve bad posture. Poor posture can put additional wear and tear on tight muscles, causing uneven wear. Using a massage chair a few times a week makes a huge difference!

Promote Good Circulation

Blood circulation from head to toe is vital for good health! Massage chairs feature a kneading-like massage motion that stimulates blood flow to a given area of your body. Thus, this helps to enhance good circulation. In addition to promoting good blood circulation, regular massage chair use may also help manage high blood pressure.

Unlike other methods of lowering blood pressure, using a massage chair offers a natural alternative. Not only will you enjoy the experience, but it may improve your high blood pressure symptoms!

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Whether you just love a massage or want to get rid of that nagging pain in your back, we have a massage chair for you. Below, hear what some of our customers had to say about their massage chairs.

Karen Massage Chair Review

I’ve been trying to get back into shape while training to run my 1st marathon. I finally made the decision to buy a massage chair, after one of my running friends raved about it. I was NOT disappointed. The lower back and lower body massage has been a game-changer for my training and recovery. I tell everyone I know to get a massage chair.

Karen Walsh - Denver, Colorado

I purchased a massage chair for my wife and I on our anniversary. I’ve had lower back and sciatic pain for as long as I could remember, after years or construction work. I was amazed at the ability of the 4D massage chairs. It not only gets my back, it always goes all the way through the buttocks and into the legs. I 100% would recommend a massage chair.

Thomas Johnson - Naples, Florida
Massage Chair Testimony

What to Look for When Buying a Massage Chair

Track Types

Throughout your research, you’ll find massage chairs feature different track types. An L-track massage chair provides a massage from your neck to your glutes, in a track that follows the spine’s natural curvature. An S-track massage chair also extends from the neck through the lower lumbar area of the back. However, an S-track massage chair features a slightly shorter track to allow for more flexibility. 


Some massage chair technology uses inflatable airbags to stimulate blood flow and promote relaxation. Not only massage chairs will feature airbag technology. In contrast, some use rollers instead, or some models may offer both. Both roller functions and airbags offer great massages, but the best massage combines use of both technologies.

Size of Massage Chair

Most massage chairs can comfortably seat adults between 5 feet and 7 feet in height. However, some taller individuals seek out massage chairs that are specifically designed for height. In addition, you’ll want to check the weight capacity limit of the massage chair you select. 

Some massage chairs offer the ability to automatically adjust to your measurements. This can provide an optimal massage experience that uniquely suits you! In terms of the size of the massage chair itself, be sure to check measurements for the space you want to place it in.

Heating Elements

Many advanced massage chairs also feature a built-in heating pad system. The use of heat in combination with massage helps enhance muscle relaxation and relieves tension. Usually, massage chairs feature a lumbar (lower part of your back) heat element. However, for shoppers with advanced pain or chronic conditions, a massage chair with a full-body heating element may be of interest.

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