Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Massage Chairs offers several excellent benefits to their customers. Located in New Hampshire, the company’s mission highlights the importance of health and wellness. Their innovative product design combined with their superior customer support team certainly delivers. No doubt, these attributes, combined with stunning products, make Infinity Massage Chairs a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Their stellar product line also offers many options to choose from, targeted to specific health and wellness needs. Not sure which product works best for you? Their helpful quick start guides and customer phone support also help to steer customers in the right direction.

In summary, you cannot go wrong with any of these quality massage chairs. Check out some of Infinity Massage Chair’s best-selling massage chairs below.

Popular Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair

The Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair combines functionality and appearance in one massage chair. This exciting massage chair appears like a standard chair, with a smooth black or brown finish. Its compact size makes it easy to move around and fit in any space that works best for you. While it may look just a chair, this massage chair is jam-packed with excellent features.

The Infinity Riage CS Massage Chair features four pre-set controls, targeted toward recovery, relaxation, sleep, or energy. If these don’t suit your needs, adjust the manual controls to your liking. Additionally, the added lumbar support and heat enhance massages for people experiencing back tightness or pain, too. Customers love the Riage CS model because it offers complete relief for their whole body, at an affordable price point.

Infinity Aura Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Infinity Auro Zero Gravity Massage Chair encompasses the ultimate massage experience. This popular model features many high-end specifications, at a more reasonable price. Best of all, the decompression and spinal correction feature help relieve pressure from your spine. To do this, the zero gravity chair grips your shoulders and legs as it reclines.

In addition to its amazing comfort, the Infinity Auro Zero Gravity offers advanced technology. Using a Bluetooth connection, users can use their smartphone to pair to the massage chair. Moreover, this allows them to stream any music of their choice through speakers surrounding the head of the chair. Not to mention, this massage chair can customize the massage to the beat of your music!

Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D Massage Chair

The premium offerings of the Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D Massage Chair cannot be beaten. This luxury massage chair features a high-tech touch panel remote control which allows users to individualize their massage experience. Apart from this, the chair features new zero gravity technology, this massage chair positions users where their legs are elevated above their heart. In turn, this promotes the best possible circulation and blood flow during the massage.

The Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D Massage Chair offers a massage for the whole body. This includes a rejuvenating foot massage, with airbags designed to support every part of your feet. Furthermore, using scanning technology, the chair automatically extends to the correct leg length for your body.

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