Massage Chairs

When it comes time to select a massage chair to purchase, there’s a lot to consider. In addition to aesthetic preferences, massage chairs have a wide array of features that can vary quite a bit. From different types of rollers to different types of tracks, massage chair terminology can get tricky.

Types of Rollers

The rollers of a massage chair are the technology that provides the massaging motions. The roller system of the chair works in an up and down motion to massage the spine. As you browse through the many massage chair products on the market, you’ll find 2D rollers, 3D rollers, and 4D rollers.

2D Massage Chairs feature two-dimensional rollers which move both vertically and horizontally. In contrast, 3D Massage Chair Rollers have an extra dimension of depth when compared to 2D chairs. The difference is seen in the ability of massage chair users to control the intensity of the massage. In turn, purchasing a 3D massage chair will offer a bit more customization than a 2D chair.

4D Massage Chairs feature four-dimensional rollers, fairly new technology in the massage chair market. In addition to all of the features of 3D rollers, 4D rollers also add rhythm settings. Users can adjust the rhythm, or the speed of the rollers, to replicate a real-life massage.

Types of Massage Chair Tracks

The track of a massage chair is the path that the rollers move along throughout a massage. That being said, the different options for massage chair tracks offer different benefits depending on your unique needs.  Today, massage chairs are available in L-track, S-track, SL-track, or straight track options.

An L-track Massage Chair features an extended track from the neck down to the glutes. An L-track allows rollers to extend to provide a full massage to your legs and buttocks. Customers like L-track massage chairs to help with nerve and leg pain from various medical conditions.

An S-track Massage Chair is similar to an L-track but shorter. It’s called an “S” track as it mimics the shape of the letter S. Usually, S-track massage chairs’ tracks begin behind the neck and stop at the tailbone. Most chairs have a track between 24 to 32 inches. This type of chair provides an excellent massage for the spine but does not include leg massage support.

Massage Chair Technologies

As technology advances, massage chairs feature more and more exciting features. Many massage chairs today feature body scanning technology. This feature uses innovative sensors which perform a scan of your spine, creating a unique map of your back.

In turn, this allows the massage chair to customize adjustments for a unique massage experience. For example, this Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair uses body scanning technology to automatically adjust to your height and body measurements.

As you shop, you may also notice massage chairs with integrated Bluetooth and music technology. Playing your favorite music during a massage is an excellent way to promote even better relaxation. Many newer massage chairs pair with your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to stream any type of music.

Another way to enhance your massage experience is through the use of heat. Heated Massage Chairs combine a comfortable massage with the therapeutic benefits of heat. Some chairs may only offer lumbar heat support, while others feature full-body heating features.

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