Luraco Massage Chairs

Unlike most massage chairs which are made overseas in Asia, each Luraco massage chair is made entirely in America. Luraco massage chairs have earned many awards for innovative designs and excellence. Since 2005, this Texas-based company has been devoted to creating products that turn heads, including its massage chairs.

Using Luraco’s massage chairs can help to enhance your sleep and reduce stress levels. Not to mention, many users report increased flexibility and lowered blood pressure with a massage in a Luraco chair. Many of the most well-known athletes endorse Luraco chairs, boasting about their amazing benefits. Top athletes that endorse Luraco massage chairs include Mike Bryan, Ken Duke, and Jerome Williams.

While many athletes love using Luraco chairs, you don’t need to be involved in sports or fitness to benefit from a massage in a Luraco massage chair. These massage chairs are excellent for those experiencing neck or back pain or pain from chronic health conditions.

Scientifcally-Backed Chairs

Another reason Luraso massage chairs are different is the research that supports them. Luraco’s chairs are the only massage chairs that have been actually studied to examine their benefits. For example, the study performed on these chairs supported the theory that chairs can reduce chronic pain, lower stress, and anxiety, and have other important health benefits.

The company also offers the best warranty of all massage chair manufacturers, offering a 10-year warranty on leather and 5 years on parts. Choosing a chair with a great warranty can help you get an idea of the quality of materials used and estimate the longevity of the chair.

Luraco Massage Chair Products

This company offers a wide range of chairs, including budget-friendly and medical chairs.

Luraco Sofy Massage Chair

Luraco’s Sofy Massage Chair is a great buy for anyone looking to buy a massage chair on a budget. This base-level model from Luraco massage chairs doesn’t cut corners when it comes to great features. Lumbar heat therapy works to improve circulation and enhance blood flow to the spine.

This model is also great for a quiet massage. This very quiet massage focuses on noise-reduction technology, a feature not seen on many massage chairs. Furthermore, the adjustable intensity of this chair is an attractive setting, allowing users to customize the pressure of the kneading from this massage chair.

Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

The Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair is an ideal choice for those looking to improve specific health issues. This Luraco massage chair is designed to alleviate muscle strains, improve blood flow, and soothe anxiety and depression. The massage rollers are located throughout the chair, including arm massage, calf massage, and foot massage rollers.

The body scan feature of the i9 Medical Massage Chair quickly scans the user’s body and adjusts the massage appropriately for each person. This means you’ll benefit from a unique massage, just as you’d get at a medical spa or massage therapy wellness studio.

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