Massage Guns

Benefits of Buying A Massage Gun

You may have seen someone at your local gym or health center using a massage gun. Massage guns, or percussion massagers, have grown in popularity for use in providing muscle relief. These small, handheld devices are easy to take on the go when you’re unable to use your electric massage chair.

The mechanism of action of a massage gun is based on vibrations. The high-frequency vibrations produced by the massage gun work to reduce soreness and enhance muscle recovery.

Relieve Stress

Using a massage gun helps support stress relief, something everyone needs! The pressure applied from the massage gun releases tension, promoting tissue metabolism.

Encourage Faster Recovery

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, using a massage gun can help enhance recovery time. Many gymgoers use these devices to release lactic acid buildup in the body. Lactic acid is a common cause of muscle soreness. In addition to the release of lactic acid, massage guns promote faster healing and help to prevent muscle atrophy.

Range of Motion

Stiff and sore muscles can impact your performance. Therefore, using a massage gun can encourage flexibility of your joints to keep your range of motion optimal. Some users indicate using a massage gun helps reduce the risk of strains or sprains.

Most Popular Massage Guns

iRest C503 Mini Massage Gun

Featuring four different interchangeable massage heads, the iRest C503 Mini Massage Gun offers flexibility. Made by the same company that leads the charts in massage chairs, this massage gun helps relax your muscles with the best technology.

Use one of the three-speed levels depending on your needs for the day. If you need a daily massage, select level one. For a more intense massage, select level three to simulate a professional massage. You cannot go wrong with this top-rated mini massage gun.

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