L-Track Massage Chairs

L track massage chairs extend further down your body than S track massage chairs. Both start at the neck, but an L track extends down to your legs and glutes. Whether you choose an S track or an L track massage chair depends on your budget and desired features.

An L track massage chair is optimal for customers looking for a full body massage that extends to the hamstrings and glutes. As its name suggests, the L track massage chair options feature a track shaped in an L formation. In contrast, an S track features a more curved track for massages.

When compared to S track massage chairs, L track massage chairs may run slightly more expensive, due to the added features. However, the price jump is certainly worthwhile for users who want the option to have their legs and glutes massaged too.

Choosing an L-track massage chair provides a full coverage massage, one of the primary reasons many customers prefer these chairs. The track ends right underneath the seat portion, providing a deep massage in areas that other massage chairs may not.

Check out some of the best L track massage chairs below. Many of the top manufacturers in massage chairs offer great quality L track massage chairs to meet any customer’s budget. Osaki and Infinity Massage Chairs are great manufacturers to start your research with.

Best L Track Massage Chairs

Osaki Pro-Omni Zero Gravity Massage Chair

One of the best options in L track massage chairs is the Osaki Pro-Omni Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This L track chair offers full-body relaxation, starting at the neck and going all the way down to the upper hamstrings. No matter what part of your body is sore, this massage chair helps!

The 50″ L track features rollers that automatically adjust to the curvature of your back. Plus, this chair has a space-saving design that makes it easy to find a home in any room.

Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D Massage Chair

The Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D Massage Chair will leave you feeling like you just left the salon, from the comfort of your home. Enjoy an L track massage that offers rollers down to your thighs, including quadriceps rollers.

A unique feature of the Infinity Celebrity 3D/4D chair, the spinal correction feature, attracts customers with back pain. This feature uses powerful stretching technology to decompress pressure on the spine, thereby providing spine pain relief. That’s why this massage chair remains one of the most popular Infinity massage chairs.

Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Massage Chair

When customers come to us asking for the best L track massage chairs, we always recommend the Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Massage Chair. For high-end massage chairs, this L track chair offers exceptional features for its value. This chair provides support from the neck down to the feet.
In addition to a full body massage, the Osaki OS-Pro Yamato chair offers users customizable massage options. Get started quickly using one of the ten preset automatic massage settings or make your own. The automatic body scan will adjust to your dimensions and reset for the next user.
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