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About Inner Balance Massage Chairs

Inner Balance Massage therapy chairs deliver the reliability and excellence you seek in a massage chair. This manufacturer is a sub-division of a larger, well-known parent company Johnson Health Tech. Johnson Health Tech has over 30 years of experience creating massage chairs for both home and commercial use.

Many of our customers have raved about the warranty on their Inner Balance massage chair. The lengthy warranty helps provide assurance that covers both the workmanship and mechanisms of the chair. In addition to a great warranty, Inner Balance massage chairs offer great customer service based in the US. The customer support team is located in Madison, WI.

Top Inner Balance Massage Therapy Chairs

Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair

Available in both black and dark brown, Inner Balance Wellness Ji massage chair provides both style and comfort. After a rough day, you’ll love the massage experience this popular chair provides. Right down to the toes with the foot rollers, the Ji massage chair offers a full-body massage experience. This massage chair features a total of 22 rollers!

Inner Balance’s wellness Ji massage chair is also a super affordable massage chair, perfect for those on a budget. This massage chair would make a wonderful holiday gift!

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

Check out the new and upgraded version of the Ji massage chair, the Wellness Jin 2.0 massage chair. The enhanced technology of this chair uses three different widths to accommodate different shoulder widths. Using the C + U compression system, your arms will stay put during the massage and benefit from enhanced circulation.

This massage chair can accommodate users of any size, including individuals who are extra tall. The 6-in extendable leg rest is perfect for taller people. Not to mention, you can put on soothing music to enjoy an even more enjoyable massage.



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