iRest Massage Chairs

iRest, a Chinese massage chair manufacturer, sells many popular massage chairs with excellent reviews. They offer an extensive product selection with several colors, sizes, and features to choose from. In addition, customers love their three-year warranty included on all iRest massage chairs. Selecting an iRest massage chair will offer you advanced features and innovative designs.

Customers searching for a massage chair that’s easy to assemble will love iRest’s chairs. The chairs come with detailed instructions to make the process simple. Most of their massage chairs arrive partially assembled too, so you’ll only need to perform a few steps. Check out some of their innovative massage chair products below.

Popular iRest Massage Chairs

iRest 306 Massage Chair

iRest’s 306 Massage Chair includes twelve different automatic massage functions, ranging in intensity. Whether you want a shoulder and neck massage only or a whole-body massage, this chair can do it all. The adjustments allow users to control the three levels of zero-gravity to find the most comfortable degree of reclining.

A feature that sets this massage chair apart is the yoga stretch feature. Airbags hold your body tightly in place as the chair stretches your body. This feature may be especially helpful in post-exercise stretching and recovery.

iRest A710 4D Massage Chair

iRest’s A710 4D model is well-known for its affordability. For a fraction of the price of comparable massage chairs, the A710 4D model offers top features you only find in top-end chairs. There’s no shortage of automatic massage programs with 23 choices to select!

In addition, this massage chair has five levels of speed adjustments and five levels of intensity adjustments. Furthermore, users can adjust between three levels of airbags to meet their specific body shape.

iRest MassaMAX MD321 Massage Chair

The iRest MassaMAX MD321 Massage Chair has everything you need and want and more in a massage chair. To begin with, it offers reflexology foot rollers, full-body airbag compression, and zero gravity reclining capabilities.

In addition, this chair is one of the most affordable chairs on the market that have comparable features and technology. Users have given this massage chair top rankings as well, thanks to its durability and superior warranty offered by iRest.

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