Sharper Image Massage Chairs

Sharper Image Massage Chairs are a well-known household name many consumers trust. This company has been around since 1977, known for its wide array of high-quality home electronics. The Shaper Image Massage Chair product lineup includes several innovative and comfortable chairs to choose from.

Each Sharper Image massage chair helps users enhance their health and wellness practices through massage therapy. Owning a massage chair for your home allows you to regularly enjoy a massage, right from the comfort of your own home. Sharper Image offers two updated massage chairs with the latest technology and comfort features.

Sharper Image Massage Chairs are in-line with competitors when it comes to pricing. Many people feel comfortable trusting the Sharper Image brand name. Not to mention, each of the massage chair products comes with a 3-year limited warranty that covers structural defects. Parts are covered at no cost with a warranty claim for up to two years after purchase. Purchases must be registered directly with the manufacturer.

Popular Sharper Image Massage Chair Models

Sharper Image Relieve Massage Chair

The best massage chair Sharper Image has to offer is their popular Sharper Image Relieve Massage Chair, with 20 different automatic programs to choose from. Depending on your mood and massage preferences, this chair offers a customizable experience every time. The zero-gravity technology helps create a realistic massage that helps you rest and relax.

A unique feature of this massage chair is the custom body scanning technology which automatically adjusts to your body dimensions. The airbag compression technology also helps improve circulation, great for before or after exercise. With a built-in premium Bluetooth sound system, you can also enjoy music throughout your massage experience.

Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair

The Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair is the company’s other product offering, designed to mimic a human massage. This robotic massage offers to knead, tapping, and so much more to mimic a real deep-tissue massage. If you’re looking for a chair as good as the spa, the Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair delivers.

The L-track design of the Sharper Image revival travels all the way down the spine to your glutes, helping to massage the entire body. Many athletes and active people enjoy using this massage as part of their pre and post-workout routine. This massage chair features a smooth Synthetic leather that is smooth and comfortable to the touch.

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