3D Massage Chairs

3D Massage Chairs offer an advanced upgrade to traditional 2D Massage Chairs. Recently, technology has advanced to offer a 3D massage experience, which offers a more customizable massage than 2D chairs. Like a 2D massage chair, the rollers move up and down and side to side.

However, the difference between 3D massage chairs is the ability of the massage rollers to change depth. Massage rollers can knead into the back, providing a more realistic massage feel. The 3D massage experience is intended to mimic a real human massage.

If you want the ability to customize your massage, you’ll love a 3D massage chair.

Best 3D Massage Chairs

Human Touch Certus Massage Chair

The Human Touch Certus Massage Chair features 3D technology with quad-style rollers. Users can adjust intensity settings for their unique needs. Using ultra-high-tech body scanning technology, the Certus massage chair scans each user’s back, mapping unique massage points.

The 3D technology is just the start of the advanced features in this Human Touch chair. In addition, users can use the Bluetooth speakers and USB connection port to stream their favorite music. Whether you want to calm yourself with classic music or jam out to upbeat pop, the massage experience is yours to design.

Osaki Titan Pro Commander Massage Chair

The Osaki Titan Pro Commander Chair also features 3D Technology. Using the controls of this chair, each user can individualize the depth and length of the massage rollers. Play around with every setting to find the massage intensity you enjoy the most!

The rollers of this massage chair extend down to the feet, offering a kneading foot massage with extendable foot rest. From head to toe, the Osaki Titan Pro Commander offers everything you need in a massage chair. Whether you’re tall or short, the Commander can be customized to your body height.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair

Human Touch’s Novo XT2 Massage Chair is one of the best 3D massage chair products. This chair uses both an L-track and S-track design to mold to your body. Furthermore, the ability of the 3D massage rollers to massage from the neck down to the thighs offers a full-body experience.

Offered in four fun colors, this massage chair also features a stylish design that integrates into any room’s decor.

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