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Frequently Asked Questions

General Massage Chair Questions

Q: Are massage chairs for professional or personal use?

A: Massage chairs can be used in either a home or professional setting. Many people with chronic pain or injuries benefit from owning a massage chair in their home. Others may use a massage chair at a health or fitness center, spa, wellness center, doctor’s office, sports facility, or more. Massage chairs offer numerous health and relaxation benefits for all users to enjoy.

Q: How often should I use my massage chair per week?

A: People may alter how frequently they use their massage chairs depending on their personal preferences. Your pain, discomfort, and muscle stiffness may impact how often you use your massage chair. There is no harm in overusing a massage chair. Most people use their massage chairs between two and four times per week.

Q: Should I use my massage chair more than once per day?

A: As mentioned above, the frequency of use for massage chairs varies quite a bit. Some medical conditions cause discomfort specifically in the morning and evening. As such, some people use their massage chairs twice per day. It is not recommended to use your massage chair more than twice per day.

Q: How much space do I need for a massage chair?

A: Massage chairs are available in several different sizes and configurations. For home use, a massage chair takes up about the same space as a standard recliner. You’ll need to allow enough space from the wall to place your massage chair. For tight spaces, several massage chair products offer a streamlined, space-saving design.

Q: How long will my massage chair last?

A: With proper usage and care, your massage chair should last you many years. Of course, the quality and durability of the massage chair will impact its lifespan. Furthermore, the frequency and number of users will also play a role in its longevity. Before purchasing a massage chair, always check with the manufacturer to learn the details of the warranty. Some companies may also offer the ability to purchase an additional, extended warranty.

Q: How hard is it to put a massage chair together?

A: Many massage chair manufacturers will ship partially-constructed massage chairs to you. This means you’ll only have to do a few steps to get your massage chair up and running. In addition, many companies offer instructional videos and handouts to help make the process easy. Home assembly for most massage chairs generally takes about an hour.

Q: How do I know which massage chair is best for me?

A: With many types of massage chairs for purchase, deciding which can be overwhelming. We recommend starting by focusing on the most important features for you. Whether you’re looking for better sleep and relaxation or lumbar support, carefully read the details of each product to find the best for you. Check out our massage chairs brand page to find some of the most popular chairs around.

Q: Can my children use massage chairs too?

A: With adult supervision, children ages ten and up can safely enjoy massage chairs. Due to heating elements and safety concerns, it’s not recommended that younger children use massage chairs. Some children may find the strength and intensity of massage chairs to be too much. For children, we recommend using a low or “light massage” setting to begin with.

Massage Chairs Features Questions

Q: What is zero gravity technology in a massage chair?

A: Zero gravity, or zero-g, is a technology inspired by NASA, and featured on many of the best massage chairs. This feature positions the chair in a reclining position so that a person’s knees are elevated above the heart. As such, it’s supposed to simulate a feeling of weightlessness or “zero gravity”. The zero-gravity feature helps to improve blood flow, promote healing, and lower blood pressure.

Q: Why do some massage chairs offer a built-in heat feature?

A: The built-in heating feature is offered on many massage chairs, which acts similarly to a heating pad. This feature works using built-in heating elements positioned underneath the fabric. Lumbar area heat (low back) helps users with back stiffness, pain, or tightness. When combined with a massage, the heat can promote an increase in body temperature which may alleviate pain or discomfort.

Q: What is an L-track massage chair?

A: There are several different types of massage chairs available on the market today. One type, known as an L-track massage chair, features a track that starts at your neck and curves down the spine. Then, the track turns, creating an “L” shape. The purpose of this L-shaped turn is to provide a massage for the glutes, thighs, and legs.

Q: What is an S-track massage chair?

A: Similarly to an L-track massage chair, the S-track type follows the curve of the spine. However, this massage focuses only on the neck and spine massage. This means there is not a glute or thigh massage component to S-track massage chairs.

Q: How do I control a massage chair? Does it come with a remote?

A: Many of the massage chairs available on the market come with a remote! For specifics, check the user’s guide or manual for your specific massage chair. Some massage chairs may also have controls built-in on the side of the chair or on the armrest. Before using any massage chair, always read the manual carefully

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