EASPEARL SL Track Massage Chair


  • 12 Automatic Programs
  • Super Long 53″ SL-Track
  • Automatic Body Scan Program
  • 3-Steps Zero Gravity & Space-Saving
  • Real Thai Stretching Massage
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EASPEARL SL Track Massage Chair

3-Steps Zero Gravity & Space-Saving Zero button of remote control sets 3-steps zero gravity.When knees are above chest in the lowest zero-gravity position will optimize blood flow, in order to relax the body more.Help maximize massage intensity and reduce pressure along the spine.

Super Long 53″ SL-Track Ergonomically designed SL-Track massage chairs. The L-Track runs from neck to lower back and wraps around back of thighs and the S-Track wheel will contour the natural curvature of the spine. The SL-Track provides 50% more massage area than the averages S-Track chair.

Automatic Body Scan Program 4D massage chair’s automatic body scans to map key areas of the neck and back to ensure optimal pressure is applied during the massage. Scan technology will your shoulder height, after scanning you can enter the massage program. Fits heights 4’9″-6’23”, and has a weight limit of 300 pounds!

Full Body Airbags & Heating Full body massage chair features airbags in the shoulder, arm, calf, foot and ankle areas for a full body massage experience. The compressive massage helps continue to increase blood circulation throughout the body. Combined with heating technology to improve massage effect, such as the hands of a real masseuse.

Real Thai Stretching Massage – Classic Thai massage applies deep pressure all over the body while shaking and stretching the limbs.Combine airbag pressure and roller movements to relieve tense muscles in the calf, hamstring, shoulders and lower back. Thai massage of massage chair is fantastic for those wanting a strong and intense massage.

New Calf, Foot and Ankle Massage – Shiatsu massager under the sole of the foot, roller acupuncture massager under the arch, vibrating massager under the heel for a great foot massage experience. The air massager kneads and massage the calves, feet and ankles in a circular motion, Increases blood flow to the legs and helps the legs achieve higher laxity. Experience like no other!

Programs and Techniques

3D Massage Hands: Consists of 4 soft silicone massage rollers and intelligent robotic arms, imitating the hands of a masseuse, moving up, down, left, right, back and forth to achieve 6 massage techniques

9 Strength Adjustment: The heated massage chair comes with a manual mode, customize the desired massage of the body,9 massage strength,3 airbag intensities, 3 roller speeds and heating options, and more specific customize.

3 Roller Widths: During massage, the massage robot hands automatically adjust widths from 1.18″ to 8.66″ to fit different body parts

12 Automatic Program: Serenity 3d zero gravity massage chair has 12 automatic massage programs to choose from

Additional Features

  • Power key: Press 3 seconds to turn on the design,in order to avoid accidental touch by pets and children
  • Large Shortcut key: Convenience of the elderly and those with big thumbs,avoid touching multiple keys at the same time
  • Negative Ions: Release negative ions during massage,forest-like air makes massage more relaxing
  • Footrest: The position of the footrest selected by the Leg up/down button on the remote control,find the most relaxed angle of the feet
  • Ankle Airbag: Unique ankle airbag design,kneading ankle points,achieve full body massage
  • Airbag Massage program: Unique left and right airbag alternating air pressure massage to achieve a variety of different massage styles
  • Easy to Push: Doble wheel design at the bottom of the back of the massage chair,easy to move massage recliner chair clearance
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Turn on the Bluetooth device,connect R8059 listien to your favorite music while massaging

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Rated Voltage: 110-120V
  • Power: 250W
  • Auto Mode Working Time: 20 min
  • Extension of Footrest: 7 inches
  • Dimensions of Packing: 46.3 X 29.92 X 45.75 inches
  • N.W/G.W: 183lbs/226.6lbs
  • Heating: 113℉
  • Minimum Doorway Size: 29.8inches (Without Package)
  • Maximum Body Weight of User: 300lbs

Additional information

Weight185 lbs
Dimensions45.66 × 29.92 × 46.25 in

EASPEARL Massage Chairs


Black, Brown


1 Year Warranty

Number of Programs

12 Automatic Programs


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