FOREVER REST SL-Track Massage Chair

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FOREVER REST SL-Track Massage Chair

Only Forever Rest can bring you the best massage chairs at the lowest prices. We are proud to offer you the new FOREVER REST SL-Track Massage Chair, a massage chair with next-generation design and features.

FOREVER REST Massage Chair Features

Ultra Thin Mechanism – The newly developed thinner lighter more efficient back massaging mechanism is reliable and puts less stress on components. Less stress equals longer life and quieter operation!

Smart Detect Body Scanning Plus – Get the Perfect Massage with the humanized quad roller back massaging mechanism now with manual fine-tune adjustment.

Full Body 3-Step Yoga Stretch – The massage chair pins your shoulders back and takes you on a ride you won’t forget. 3-Step Stretch (1,2,3). Holds each position a few seconds. Offering a more comfortable stretch over traditional stretch programs. Benefits the legs, torso, back, and spine!

True Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Easy 1 step, 1 touch to Full Zero Gravity recline position. Relax and relieve pressure off your spine. Plus, one additional Feature. Press to raise the foot massager even higher to raise your foot above the level of your heart for additional benefits.

Foot Rolling Massage Plus airbag compression – Treat your tired aching feet and enjoy a comprehensive foot massage with a mechanical foot roller and acupressure surrounding airbag foot massager that relaxes and rejuvenates.

SL-Track Quad Rolling Mechanism

The massage chair is equipped with the latest SL-Track frame design to provide the Ultimate Neck, Back, Waist, Shoulder, Buttocks, and hamstring Massage available.

The smart back-quad rollers will travel from your Neck down to your Back following the spine’s natural S-Curve down past the glutes and to the upper hamstrings to accurately relieve tension, loosen tight muscles, and reduce stress.

The width adjustment mechanism allows the user to choose from 3 width positions for the rollers to travel!

Additional Features

Easy to use Remote Controller

The Forever Rest Massage Chair comes with a user-friendly remote controller.

  • Easy Read LCD Screen
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Multi-language option
  • Direct command buttons
  • Up to 30min massage timer
Bluetooth Speakers

Easy Bluetooth pairing and set up.

  • Pair to your phone, tablet, TV, etc. and surround yourself with your favorite relaxing music or listen to your favorite soundscapes, TV program, or audiobook.
  • Also operates in Standby mode.
Space Saving Technology

No more worries about the space needed behind your chair. The Forever Rest FR-6KSL Massage Chairs recline technology unlike other chairs it does not need any space between the chair and wall, so you can place it very close to the wall with no worries.

Dimensions and Specifications

Product Dimensions: 54″D x 29″W x 46″H

Item Weight: 216 pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 325 Pounds

Additional information

Weight216 lbs
Dimensions54 × 29 × 46 in

FOREVER REST Massage Chairs


beige, Black, Brown


5 Year Warranty

Number of Programs

9 Automatic Programs


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