Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair


  • 4D Massage
  • S-Track Massage
  • 6 Auto Programs and 6 Massage Styles
  • Zero Gravity
  • Heated Back Roller
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Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair

The luxurious Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Massage Chair builds upon the innovations of its predecessor while still providing maximum comfort at an affordable price. When you sit down in your Soho II you’ll be greeted with lumbar heating, an intensive full body air massage, a uniquely designed J-track system, a focused foot massage, and NASA-inspired zero gravity reclining. Whether you’re a massage chair aficionado, or looking to buy for the first time, Osaki’s Soho II will not disappoint. The Osaki Soho II has a clean simple design packed with the latest technology and innovation.

Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Features

4D Massage – The Soho II offers a highly customizable massage, with five degrees of speed, three varying widths, five levels of massage intensity, and five distinct air pressure intensities. The 4D massage heads move, vertically, horizontally, in and out and rotates at variable speeds. This chair offers one of the most life-like massages in the market.

Smart Computer Body Scanning – As you initiate your massage, the Soho II will begin automatically measuring your body to administer the perfect massage; additionally, key points of the body are mapped and remembered so that every massage is individually personalized.

J-Track Massage – The Soho II comes equipped with the J-track, which conforms to the curvature of the spine and extends all the way down to your glutes. Additionally, Osaki has incorporated a new quad massage roller head system to invoke a human-esque massage.

Zero Gravity – Osaki’s engineers have started utilizing technology originally developed by NASA to provide weightless relaxation. The Soho II incorporates two stage zero gravity reclining to position your body in such a way that you experience virtually weightless suspension.

Heated Back Roller – Dealing with muscle tension and back pain? The Soho II’s heated massage functions work to soothe mild pain by releasing muscle tension and promoting healthier blood flow.

Foot Rollers and Calf Heating – The Soho II’s unique foot massage is unlike any other on the market, its specialized rollers pay special attention to the sole of your foot. By naturally following the contour of the foot, the Soho II both rolls and scrapes your foot with extra care and deliberation.

Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Review

Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Massage Programs

Neck/Shoulder – This auto program takes a heavy focus on your upper body, providing a deep and thorough massage along your shoulders and neck.

Strengthen – Use this program for a great general massage, broadly focusing on all parts of the body for maximum comfort.

Relax – This gentle massage is well-suited for individuals with tender areas, looking for a quick refresh after a stressful day.

Thai – The Thai massage is fantastic for those wanting a strong and intense massage, broadly focusing on the back and lumbar.

Recover – The recover mode can be utilized after intense physical work, loosening muscles and promoting increased blood flow across the board.

Sleeping – Finally, this gentle massage should be used before you go to bed, routine use will condition your body for long restful nights.

Osaki OS-Pro SOHO 4D Specifications

6 Manual Massage Styles – Osaki’s Soho provides a plethora of unique massage techniques to help anyone and everyone. These styles include, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and finally, Swedish. 

Extendable Footrest – Regardless of your height, everyone deserves a comfortable massage, as such, the Soho II comes equipped with an extendable footrest reaching upwards of eight inches.

Bluetooth Speaker – Connect your mobile device via bluetooth to enjoy relaxing sounds, music, or even podcasts through the Soho’s dual surround sound speakers.

Phone Holder – Have a great time and free your hands, the Soho II prepared a special spot for your handphone. It keeps your gadget safe and easy to reach in case you need it.

Additional information

Weight243 lbs
Dimensions52.5 × 29.53 × 44.9 in

Osaki Massage Chair


3 Years


beige, Brown


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