Synca Wellness JP970 4D Massage Chair

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  • 4D Massage Technology
  • 3D Point Body Scan System
  • Air Compression Massage
  • Automatic Programs
  • Heat on Back and Foot
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Synca Wellness JP970 4D Massage Chair

The JP970 by Synca Wellness will help you find a little rest and relaxation through your day by utilizing a multi-layer and multi-sensor body scan to accurately map the length, curvature, and depth of your back while also measuring the height, depth, and shape of your shoulders. 

Most massage chairs will take a simple measurement of your backs length without understanding the depth and contours of your unique body leading to a mediocre massage.  The JP970s advanced body scan technology helps ensure Synca’s industry leading 4D robotic deep tissue massage technology delivers a massage that is perfectly mapped to your back, this scan custom tailors your massage to you each time you enjoy your chair. 

The JP970 has specially designed kneading and deep shiatsu massage movements that focus on your neck and shoulders that press and massage these muscles. The JP970 is easy to use because of its intuitive touchscreen controller letting you focus on sitting back and relaxing while the chair does all the work.

JP970 4D Massage Chair Features

4D Massage Technology – The advanced dual ball massage system moves on a vertical, horizontal, and front and back plane. Collaborating with professional massage therapists throughout Japan, Synca has added speed variation to each style of massage. Similar to traditional Japanese massage, the hands of the masseuse would slow down, accelerate or even pause to hold in particular areas.

3D Point Body Scan System – Before the start of every massage, the Synca JP970 4D Japan massage chair utilizes a multi-layer and multi-sensor body scan to accurately map the length, curvature, and depth of your back. The body scan also measures the height, depth, and shape of your shoulders.

Air Compression Massage – 36 Aircells encompasses your body for a therapeutic air compression massage on your shoulders, hips, seat, arms and hands, calves, and feet. The unique design of the arm rests allow you to massage your forearms and hands at the same time.

Automatic Programs – The Synca JP970 4D Japan massage chair comes equipped with 21 different automatic programs with 35 massage techniques that are designed to provide the ultimate massage experience. Create your personalized preset program using the memory storage capability. Select your favorite massage combination, put into memory so that the next time simply press a single button to start where you left off.

Heat on Back and Foot – Heat pads are located in the backrest to loosen up the muscles in your back. This will help to relieve tension along your back and most importantly, your lower back. Heat pads are also located in the footrest to relieve those aches and pains from being on your feet all day.

What Are 4D Rollers?

JP970 4D Massage Chair Additional Features

Made in Japan – The Synca JP970 Japan 4D massage chair is manufactured in Japan. Japanese manufacturing is known to be more durable and reliable over a longer period of time over their counterparts.

Powered Recline – The positioning of the recline and leg rest is fully powered, and you can adjust them easily with the remote control. Recline your Synca JP970 4D Japan massage chair to an almost full bed position for restful sleep.

Powered Legrest – The legrest can be raised, lowered, or extended or retracted using the center control panel of the remote. This will allow for different users to enjoy a custom fitted massage. The chair can fit a person up to 6’3” with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Adjustability – The air intensity can be individually set to your preference for 4 separate zones (the shoulders, arms, hips and feet) with 5 levels of intensity. The back roller depth can be set to 7 to 12 different intensity levels depending on the program.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Remote – The Synca JP970 4D Japan massage chair has truly simplified the remote without losing any of the functions and controllability. Through the touch screen, everything can be operated with a touch of a finger.

JP970 4D Massage Chair Dimensions

Dimensions Upright: 53.9″L x 31.5″W x 49.4″H

Dimensions Reclined:75.6″L x 34.65″W x 31.9″H

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

Additional information

Weight194 lbs
Dimensions53.9 × 31.5 × 49.4 in

Synca Wellness Massage Chairs


5 Year Warranty



Number of Programs

21 Auto Programs


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